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In 30 seconds find out if you might have MS by clicking on all of the symptoms that apply.

Disclaimer: Diagnosis of MS is only done by a qualified Neurologist. The purpose of the above screening is only to help potential patients reach the appropriate doctors at their nearest location.

Who We Are

Lets Beat MS is an awareness platform in Pakistan which is dedicated to work on the debilitating disease Multiple Sclerosis with nationwide outreach since 2019.

We strive to significantly increase awareness about early diagnosis and treatment and its link to the disease progression which eventually helps patients of MS lead normal lives.

We aim to do this by creating widespread awareness through community engagement on symptoms, different types of MS, early diagnosis and treatment at the right time.

Through awareness material, educational content and MS resources, we strive to accomplish our mission of battling MS through an integrated approach.

Our Vision

We envision a country where people have access to information and resources that allow them to understand about their MS symptoms and to consult right HCPs at the right time.