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In 30 seconds find out if you might have MS by clicking on all of the symptoms that apply.

The patient might experience complete / partial recovery of symptoms followed by more episodes of new or worsening symptoms. Hence please also click those symptoms which you may have experienced in the past. The gap between episodes varies from a few days to even a few years.

Experiencing any of the above symptoms indicate that you may suffer from MS, however please consult your neurologist for a confirmed diagnosis.

Disclaimer: Diagnosis of MS is only done by a qualified Neurologist. The purpose of the above screening is only to help potential patients reach the appropriate doctors at their nearest location.

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My MS Community – Karachi (Highlight)

My MS Community - Karachi

The first ever ‘My MS Community’ was organized by Lets Beat MS in Karachi. With Prof. Shaukat Ali as the guest speaker in the discussion hosted by compere Danish Anees, it was an emotional but very informative and interactive session for the MS patients and their families.